欧宝体育竞猜船动举办舟山服务站开业仪式 Opening of YCMP Zhoushan service station


    2021年1月19日上午,欧宝体育竞猜船动舟山服务站在舟山举行了开业庆典,欧宝体育竞猜船动总经理邓辉先生、总经理助理徐振华先生、Dragon Marine Service总经理Numan AKBAS先生、上海瀚特总经理唐家恒先生出席了此次庆典并发表了讲话。舟山宁泰远洋渔业有限公司、南通中集太平洋海洋工程有限公司、舟山长宏国际船舶修造有限公司、宁波万达船机配套有限公司等多家合作伙伴在百忙之中拨冗光临了此次开业庆典。

In the morning of Jan. 19th 2021, YCMP Service Station held its opening ceremony in Zhoushan. YCMP General Manager Mr. DengHui, General Manager Assistant Mr. XuZhenhua, DM Service General Manager Mr. Numan Akbas, and Shanghai Hunter General Manager Mr. TangJiaheng attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhoushan Ningtai Ocean Fishing Co., Ltd., CIMC SOE, Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard Co., Ltd. Ningbo Wanda Shipbuilding Equipment Co., Ltd., and other partners took time out of their busy schedule to attend the opening ceremony.


The establishment of YCMP Zhoushan Service Station marks a solid step for the diversified development of YCMP and the construction of one-stop ship power system maintenance service for customers at home and abroad. The service station will be equipped with a maintenance workshop capable of detecting and servicing ICU, VCU, FIVA, HPS and other key parts of the Main engine.

        Dragon Marine Service总部位于中国,在世界范围内的6个国家或城市设有分公司或子公司,是全球首屈一指的船舶服务商;上海瀚特船舶配件有限公司是一家集船舶发动机技术咨询、维修保养、配件供应、仓储物流服务为一体的船舶动力系统配件服务商。欧宝体育竞猜船动此次联合Dragon Marine Service和上海瀚特两位合作伙伴,借助各自核心优势,共同打造欧宝体育竞猜船动舟山服务站,亦是秉承公司一以贯之的核心理念,为客户提供持续性的可靠服务。欧宝体育竞猜船动之所以将第一个服务站设在舟山,是因为舟山和宁波两地拥有中国最大的港口及众多修造船厂,就是为了贴近客户提供及时服务,保证在接到客户的服务要求后1-2小时内到达现场解决问题。

Dragon Marine Service Group, headquartered in China, has branches in six countries worldwide, and is the world's leading ship service supplier. Shanghai Hunter Marine Co., Ltd is a ship power system accessories service supplier integrating marine engine technical consultation, repair and maintenance, parts supply, warehousing and logistics services. YCMP has jointly established Zhoushan Service Station with these two companies by virtue of their respectively core strengths, which also adheres to the company's consistent concept to provide customers with sustainable and reliable services. The reasons to set up the first service station in Zhoushan just because Zhoushan and Ningbo have China’s largest ports and many shipyards. In order to provide timely service to customers and ensure that we can arrive on site within 1-2 hours to solve the problem after receiving customer’s service requests.


As we all know, 2020 was a year of difficulties and challenges for YCMP. Affected by the epidemic and delayed rework, the on-time production and delivery of the main engine is facing enormous challenges. However, all the “builders” of YCMP are united and adhering to the core concept of "being a reliable person and building a reliable machine", working day and night without forgetting the mission, successfully accomplishing the task of main engine production; besides, the sales of main engines have grown against the trend, with a year-on-year growth of 20% in 2019, bringing the company's production and operation to a successful end in 2020.

        而继2015年交付全球第一台二冲程双燃料船用主机后,欧宝体育竞猜船动更是在2020年交付5台RT-flex50DF双燃料低速船用主机,分别安装在中集太平洋建造的1条世界最大的20000立方LNG加注运输船,船东是Stolt Nielsen和中集来福士建造的2条 5800米车道双燃料滚装船,每船两台主机,船东是Wallenius。并新接6台同型号双燃料低速船用主机,将安装在南通象屿建造的2条19900吨,4条33000吨化学品船上,船东是日本Nisshin日升航运,这也将是我们的主机首次安装在日本航运公司的船舶上。我们制造的该型号主机无疑是目前世界上最先进的环保型船用主机,我们依然继续保持该型号在全球的领先制造地位。

Since the delivery of first two-stroke dual-fuel marine main engine in the world in 2015, 5 sets dual-fuel low-speed main engine of RT-flex50DF have been consecutively delivered in 2020, one of them installed at the largest LNG vessel(20000 cm³, owned by Stolt Nielsen)of the world which was built by CIMC Pacific company; the rest four were installed at two 5800m lane dual-fuel roro vessels (owned by Wallenius) which was built by CIMC Raffles(each equipped with two engines); furthermore,YCMP has got the six new orders for the same model type of dual-fuel low-speed main engines, and these would be separately equipped on two 19,900 ton and four 33,000 ton chemical carriers(owned by Nisshin shipping of Japan) which was built by Nantong XiangYu shipyard. It will also be the first time that our main engines are installed on ships of Japan Shipping Corporation. This type of engine is undoubtedly the most advanced and environmentally friendly marine engine in the world, and YCMP will continue to maintain the leading manufacturing position of this type in the world.


At the beginning of 2021, the establishment of Zhoushan Service Station has injected new vitality into the development of YCMP, which will break through the wind and waves and set sail on the right time in the new year.  

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